Ecosmart Bio-ethanol

Stoves and Fireplaces Exclusive Eersel.

We are proud to say that we have obtained the dealership for NL from ECOSMART Bioethanol fireplaces.

These fire elements burn on bio-ethanol so that there is virtually no smoke development and are therefore applicable everywhere.

Due to the beautiful design and the high-quality finish, these fire elements are among the high-end products.
Various models can be seen in our showroom.

EcoSmart fire can be seen at the Masters of LXRY 2019 in RAI Amsterdam. (December 12-16)

An EcoSmart Fire is a bespoke piece of industrially designed fire furniture that exudes warmth and burns cleanly.
From luxury resorts to commercial showrooms and residential settings, EcoSmart is embraced by the world's leading architects, designers, developers, landscapers -and style savvy homeowners. EcoSmart offers a complete collection of versatile and award-winning fireplaces that make having an open flame incredibly easy, whatever the setting, at the same time as being good for the environment.