Stoves & Fireplaces Wintermans is a trusted address and a household name in the Kempen.

Years of experience help you choose the right stove. You have only one point of contact for the delivery and installation of your wood stove or gas fireplace.

Environmentally conscious and sustainable.
We only sell stoves that meet the strictest environmental requirements. That means better combustion, more heat and less wood consumption according to the 'conscious heating' principle.

We are the right company for a safe situation.
Each heating source has its own technical regulations. In addition, the building decree places various requirements on the flue with regard to the materials and the course of the flue, so that you can burn comfortably and safely.

We meet the strict requirements of the trade association NHK. This guarantee means that, in accordance with our professional knowledge, reliability and brands we sell, we will supply a guaranteed high-quality product.